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Publishers often spend a lot of their production time managing proofs, sending email notifications to authors and making corrections, especially when working with multiple authors and multiple issues.

The Author Center from Dartmouth Journal Services simplifies the process. Through unique, secure links, authors can access their article proofs through an intuitive interface. The site walks authors through the steps of viewing page proofs, making electronic corrections and submitting final versions.

Simplify Proofing Process

A clear connection, a simpler process
The Author Center is clearly branded for each publisher. The site is customizable according to the desires and needs of the publisher, and the page branding lets authors easily recognize and confirm the publisher they are interacting with.

In a traditional proofing process, authors would receive an email containing a Word document or PDF page proof. They would print it, mark it up, then email or fax it back to the publisher. After that, someone would interpret the handwritten corrections and make changes — often going through multiple rounds with particular authors. The system was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Through the Author Center, the process is simplified and streamlined. When a page proof is ready, a publisher sends the author an email notification with a link to the portal. The author goes to the site, downloads the page proofs (PDF file format), makes changes by annotating the PDF, and then uploads the corrected pages.

The publisher can set automated reminders and even limit the number of times the author can make corrections.

Help when it’s needed
The portal page provides clear download instructions and links to help authors who are unfamiliar with the process.

The portal also allows the author to comment or query the editor or publisher (e.g., “Can we replace Fig 2?” or “Can I have more time?”). It contains instructions and demos for downloading and uploading documents. There are also links to more information or tech support.

Dartmouth Journal Services’ client services managers provide the administrative management of the site, making it easy for publishers to add information to the site, such as a reprint order form or upcoming meeting notifications. Customization of the branded landing page is simple and almost immediate, so the publisher’s portal page is up-to-date with current information for authors.

A secure, accessible solution
The Author Center is created and managed by the professionals at Dartmouth Journal Services, who continually work to ensure the site is easy to use for both publishers and authors. Tech Support can view all interactions and respond to author questions through a detailed transaction log and ensure any technical glitches or questions are resolved immediately.

The level of publisher involvement with the portal is entirely up to each client. Some publishers prefer to manage author proof changes and respond to queries themselves; others prefer Dartmouth Journal Services handle the details — even reviewing the author changes to proof pages.

Because Dartmouth Journal Services’ client services professionals work closely with publishers, they know each publisher’s needs. Just as with all Dartmouth Journal Services’ services, publishers can be assured of personalized attention to every detail.

Best of all, publishers never have to wonder about the status of any proof in their upcoming issues!