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Last month, the Sheridan team headed to Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the National Conference of Law Reviews’ 2015 event. The panels and keynote presentations were just as grand as the Seelbach Hotel where the conference was hosted.

The Sheridan team had a great time at the conference. We were able to meet with both incoming and outgoing law review and law journal editors as well as catch up with some of our wonderful customers.

We presented a double session called “Essential Technology for your Law Review” where we discussed top electronic publishing tools like ebook conversion, mobile apps, and eCommerce solutions. These technologies may not be new to the editors¯—they consume content electronically every day—but we know that there are many questions around how to get from a traditional law review publishing process to a successful online dissemination plan.

One technology we mentioned in the presentation was Augmented Reality (AR), which is a dynamic way to connect a printed page to online content. To showcase how AR can be utilized, Sheridan applied AR to our ad on the back cover of the NCLR Conference Program. By using a free mobile app such as Layar to scan the Sheridan ad, attendees were able to access an online, mobile-optimized version of the entire program.

At our NCLR table, beside the free pens, popcorn, and—of course—our famous local potato chips, we displayed our latest white paper, Producing Your Law Review, a comprehensive document for what happens between article acceptance and delivery of the final published issue. The white paper is structured with big questions like, “What does the production process look like?” and Sheridan’s expert answers and step-by-step instructions.

Producing Your Law Review

The white paper covers everything from digital versus offset printing to handling author offprints and POD printing. If you weren’t able to attend NCLR, or if you did but missed our table and are interested in receiving a copy of Producing Your Law Review, you can request a copy by emailing us at [email protected].

Our goal is to make the job of the law review editor easier. To that end, not only do we provide our comprehensive white paper, but we offer free webinars every year to walk editors through our powerful yet easy-to-use template and answer questions about the print and publishing process. We have a webinar coming up in May for incoming editors. Just click on this link to sign up!

We are looking forward to NCLR 2016, and seeing everyone in Syracuse.