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It’s no secret that Sheridan is dedicated to the scientific publishing community. This commitment is most strongly evidenced through Sheridan’s long-term and significant involvement with the Council of Science Editors (CSE). Through the years, Sheridan folks have held board and leadership positions, served on committees, and presented many courses to the CSE body.

We’d like to highlight two members of the SJS Publishing Services team who currently have active roles with CSE. Both Nancy Devaux, Process Improvement Manager, and Peter Olson, Senior Copyediting Coordinator, have participated in a variety of ways over the past decade to share their professional insights and expertise.

Nancy’s introduction to CSE was via a day-long Short Course at the 2007 Annual Meeting in Austin. The Short Courses are 1- to 2-day workshops focused on such areas as Publication Management, Ethics, Metrics, and Manuscript Editing. Networking at the 2007 Annual Meeting led to being asked to make a presentation on Managing a Remote Workforce the following year. Since then, Nancy has presented several Annual Meeting sessions on Hiring Practices, Production Processes, Telecommuting, and Working with a Vendor. In 2012, she accepted the role of Short Course Director for which she organizes the short course Coordinators, programs, budget, and logistics. For the past 5 years, Nancy has taught at the Short Course for Publication Management. In 2017, Nancy took on the additional role of Program Co-Chair for the Annual Meeting in San Diego. It was also at that meeting where she was honored with the CSE Certificate of Appreciation for all of her volunteer efforts. Nancy continues to direct the Short Courses, participate on the Short Course faculty and Program Committee, and present sessions at annual meetings.

Peter Olsen and Nancy Devaux

Peter’s involvement with CSE began when Sheridan leadership (including Nancy!) invited him to attend the 2010 Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Recognizing the value of his copyediting expertise, he wanted to share with others in the field and was encouraged to get further involved. Peter’s first session presentation was at the 2011 Annual Meeting, and he has since presented sessions on Building Better Style Guides, Table Editing Tips, and Author Querying, both at the Annual Meeting and as part of CSE’s webinar series. In 2013, he agreed to be the Coordinator of the Short Course for Manuscript Editors, a role he continues in today. At the 2018 Annual Meeting, Peter was honored with the Distinguished Service Award for his Short Course service. He is a regular reporter for CSE’s publication, Science Editor, and has written the Keynote Address report for the last 3 years. His highly reputable skillset led to his active participation on the advisory boards of UCP’s Chicago Manual of Style and the American Medical Association’s Manual of Style. These industry-leading opportunities may not have arisen without the networking made possible by CSE, nor the reputation he’s built, in part, via CSE exposure. Following in Nancy’s trajectory, Peter has most recently accepted the role of Program Co-Chair for the 2020 CSE Annual Meeting.

CSE provides an open environment for learning and networking. Steady involvement leads to more opportunities within this organization and in our community of scholarly publishing, as evidenced by both Nancy’s and Peter’s paths. At these conferences, you listen, you learn, you network—and you may see a niche where you could lend a hand. Representing Sheridan, Nancy and Peter have become familiar faces of CSE.