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2017: Finding Time to be Real

Click. Delete. Trash. Toss. I admit it; much of 2016 was a blur of just trying to keep up, while wondering who the heck was accelerating the clock. How did an entire year go by in the span of maybe...

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Ceiling Crashers

In the summer of 2016 in America, we are living in historic times, witnessing defining moments. Ceiling crashing moments. Yet, so many past moments – both important and mundane – have led up to...

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ISMTE Goes To Asia in 2016

The International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) is a non-profit society with a mission to enhance the professionalism of scholarly journals’ editorial office staff. To...

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The Amazing Technicolor Journal

Like me, you might be taken with the GE commercial where the little girl talks in venerable terms about her mom, who makes trains that are friends with trees, and hospitals you can hold in your...

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Sheridan Loves Law Reviews

Last month, the Sheridan team headed to Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the National Conference of Law Reviews’ 2015 event. The panels and keynote presentations were just as grand as the Seelbach...

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