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ISMTE LogoThe International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) is a non-profit society with a mission to enhance the professionalism of scholarly journals’ editorial office staff. To achieve this, ISMTE offers networking and training opportunities, establishes and provides resources for best practices, and studies, benchmarks and reports on editorial office practices. Members are managing editors for very large to very small academic journals, as well as editors and production staff from publishers and professional societies. Starting with a mere 20 members in 2008, ISMTE has grown to nearly 800 members worldwide today.

ISMTE has held meetings in the US and the UK for almost a decade now, where industry experts share their knowledge on topics like publication ethics, processes, peer review, and the latest tools. Both the North American and European conferences have been growing in attendance and popularity every year.

In 2011, I attended my first ISMTE North American conference and was impressed by the thoughtful presentations and practical workshops on editorial office operations. After attending several subsequent meetings, I can speak personally to the valuable connections I’ve made through ISMTE. Now, as a member of the ISMTE Industry Advisory Board and North American Conference Committee, I’m excited to share the news of our first Asian Conference bringing that same quality education to professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

This spring, ISMTE is launching their Asian Conference in Singapore – Best Practices in Scholarly Publishing. I’ve seen the program and it is very impressive. It includes educational sessions that are difficult to find in Asia – a Western perspective closer to home. Having attended these conferences in the past, I know the value these educational sessions and networking opportunities bring to attendees. Best Practices in Scholarly Publishing in April will be a stellar event.

Understanding and embracing the fact that scholarly publishing is an international effort, ISMTE wants to get the word out to anyone involved in STM academic peer review in Asia to join us for a valuable and memorable conference. Registration is now open for the Singapore meeting to be held on 4-5 April, 2016 at http://www.ismte.org/?page=2016AsianConference.