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In late May, I had the opportunity to moderate and take part in a very interesting SSP pre-conference seminar entitled “Journal Production: The Basics and Beyond”. I was excited to assist in the creation and presentation of the seminar, as production can often be an overlooked part of the STM publishing industry. We had a great turnout; over 60 people registered for the seminar. We were also lucky to have a diverse and dynamic panel of speakers, including Helen Atkins from PLOS, Linda Sussman from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Ed Carey from Cambridge University Press, and Kelly Heaney from Wolters Kluwer Health.

I started the seminar with an overview of a standard journal article workflow, and each subsequent speaker addressed specific workflow needs, changes, and initiatives in more detail. The topics included how and why to invest in quality staff, when and how to make a change in vendors or the workflow, and new initiatives designed to better serve authors. At the end of the presentation, there was a lively and interactive question and answer period. If you missed the session but have an interest in what your fellow STM publishers are doing that’s working, new, or different – or you just want a primer on the basics of production workflow – feel free to click on the link in the session title above, and listen to the recorded presentations.

The seminar was so successful that SSP has decided to offer it again as part of its fall seminar series in Washington, DC in September, and I am looking forward to presenting again there. In fact, let me take this opportunity to ask you for suggestions or ideas that could further enhance our upcoming revisit of the presentation. I’d love to hear from you, at [email protected]. Better yet, sign up for the fall seminar and I’ll see you there!