Unlock the Access Code With Sheridan

by Laura


Do you have additional online content your print readers would find valuable?  Do you want to offer free downloads of the eBook version when someone purchases the print edition?

This and so much more can be accomplished through the use of an access code in your printed book.

Access codes are serial numbers, typically hidden behind a scratch off area, that permit entry to value-added online content that is only available to those who have purchased the printed book.

Examples of use:

  • A book on leadership skills may have an access code that allows you to take an online test to determine your leadership level
  • A textbook may have an access code that grants entry to additional course content and resources
  • A book on quilting may have an access code that enables you to download additional patterns

Access Code Label

At Sheridan, we can help you incorporate access codes into your printed books.  Simply provide us with labels that are to be applied or send us the information that is to appear on the labels and we can produce them for you.  Our label applicator automates the process of applying the labels to the inside (or outside if you prefer) cover of books.   Once applied, your purchasers are just a scratch away from uncovering additional content and resources.

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