Think About It: Let’s Rewind to a Positive Fast Forward

by Laura


Directional signs: Rewind to 2011 or Fast Forward to 2021Hmmm… let’s take a moment to consider where we are… shortages, supply chain delays, fierce competition for, well, everything—from grocery items to printing paper to cars. It’s all doom and gloom, right? Nope. The glass is half full, and getting fuller, really.

Don’t believe me, my dear reader? Think again. This article is being issued on World Thinking Day (February 22), so let me give you some things to ponder that shine a light on the positive direction the printing and publishing industry is headed in.

And to do that, I’ll rewind to how things were 10 years ago compared to today. So pull on your jeggings, grab a glass of almond milk and an avocado, pause your play on Angry Birds (the top-selling paid iPhone app in 2011), and let’s journey back in time.

In the news: Headlines then, and now
2011 2021
Print decline accelerates in 2011 and unit sales fall by 9% compared to prior year (702.3 million units sold with one week in the year to go) Unit sales of print books rise 8.9% in 2021 over prior year (825.7 million units sold)
Borders Group closes its remaining stores in 2011 Indie bookstores boom and regional association memberships grow
QR codes begin gaining traction with the general public and in publishing Video consumption as a medium accelerates and presents opportunities for publishers
Sheridan makes its debut on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Sheridan adds Instagram to its social media platform
Sheridan launches a direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform solution Sheridan’s eCommerce platform generates over $3 million in direct-to-consumer revenues for publishers in 2021, selling over 90,000 products

Fast forward 10 years and the proverbial glass is getting fuller. Still don’t believe me? Well, if nothing else, take comfort in knowing that—just like the great toilet paper shortage of 2020—this too shall pass.