Take a Cue from Retailers – Is Your Online Book Sales Plan Holiday Ready?

by Laura


online shoppingLabor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, and as such, the time for retailers to fill their shelves with all things fall. Some retailers go the extra mile and roll out the red and green displays at this time too. While many folks don’t appreciate the early reminder that days are getting shorter and the cold is just around the corner, there are also those that welcome the opportunity to get an early start on their holiday gift buying.

Take a cue from retailers – start early

If you have not started doing so already, put your online holiday sales and marketing plan in place. Starting your holiday marketing early gives your customers ample time to plan their purchases and gives your titles a better chance at being purchased over a competitor’s titles. By including a variety of marketing platforms (direct mail, email, print, and online advertising) and detailing when and how each avenue will be used, you will not only have a plan for this year, but a template that can be used and tailored well into the future.

A grab bag of promotion ideas

The beauty of selling books via an eCommerce platform is how quickly you can discount prices and add new products for sale.

  • Seasonal discounts. Perhaps one of the most obvious promotions, sales on selected titles, series, or certain author works are an excellent way to boost sales of popular items or shine a light on great works that are often overlooked.
  • Bundle it baby. Another promotion idea is bundles. You can bundle titles by the same author or genre together for a discounted rate (buy one get one 1/2 off), or create a new product item for the season that consists of several titles for a set price. You can even bundle an eBook version with the print version.
  • Digital couponsno clipping required. Digital coupons are important to the success of eCommerce and their applications are endless. Consider using them during the holiday season to:
    • offer reduced rates to select members/buyers.
    • automatically apply discounts to the shopping cart when a predetermined criteria has been met – such as buy five titles and receive a 25% discount.
    • automatically send coupons to purchasers of a particular product for a companion product or for a discount off their next purchase.

Keep the communication going – all season long

Just as there are early shoppers, there are last minute shoppers too. Consider extending your online promotions (and the marketing of them) beyond the normal holiday season and into the New Year to ensure that you don’t miss a sale by those that are shopping for bargains or making last minute purchases.

Don’t have an eCommerce platform in place? Contact your Sheridan sales rep for a demo of our eCommerce platforms and be on your way to a successful holiday sales season.