Sheridan Confidential: Success Stories from our Employees – Part 5

by Sheridan

Up next in our continuing series of Sheridan employees sharing their success stories, Eric Biggins of Sheridan Pennsylvania shares his unique journey.  Enjoy!

Eric Biggins is the Director of Customer Technology for Sheridan, based out of the Sheridan Pennsylvania facility. Eric describes his role as overseeing a talented team that helps connect publishing customers to Sheridan’s technology-driven solutions.

Eric actually has two start dates with Sheridan: one in 1995 and another in 2006. In 1995, he was a high school student who joined Sheridan as part of the Diversified Occupation (DO) program where he spent 9 months working part-time, 5 hours a day, as part of an after-school program. The first 3 months, Eric was in Electronic Prepress, then a month in Conventional Prepress, a month in the Pressroom, one month in Bindery. After those 6 months, he was given the option to choose where he’d spend his last 3 months. Eric chose Electronic Prepress and completed his first stint with Sheridan.

In 2006, after Eric had worked for two different printing companies, Sheridan reached out to him to interview for an opening on a newly formed Technology Solutions team. He came back on as a Technology Solution Specialist focused on internal workflow efficiency and operational workflow support. From there, Eric has held roles as Technology Solutions architect, technology Solutions Manager, and his current role as Director of Customer Technology. Eric describes the progression as largely organic. “I’m fortunate to have worked alongside so many talented colleagues and been able to apply my learnings through hard work and dedication. The most pivotal point in my progression was an unexpected exchange about 10 years ago with our then president who stopped me in the hallway one day and asked “Why don’t you work with our customers?” Following this exchange, my role in the company transitioned from a largely internal operations focus to a more external customer/sales focus.”

Eric credits his success to 1) numerous talented and effective Sheridan colleagues, managers, and leadership team members who supported and inspired him, 2) the company, for giving him his first true career opportunity as well as an introduction to the graphic arts industry, and 3) hard work and integrity. Says Eric, “I love being part of a great team and a great company where every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to make a direct impact on our company’s success.”

What makes Sheridan a world-class company? To Eric, it’s the culture, superior customer service, great teamwork & collaboration, quality & cost consciousness, and a commitment to integrity & professionalism throughout the entire organization.

Eric’s advice to others who would join the Sheridan family: “Start with hard work, initiative, and honesty – these are non-negotiable. After that, help your colleagues, share ideas, identify opportunities, ask questions, embrace change, and drive positive results!”