Sheridan Confidential: Success Stories from our Employees – Part 4

by Sheridan

Read about Burt Phillips’ rich and diverse career path story, tied to both our Sheridan Ohio and Sheridan New Hampshire facilities.

Burt Phillips is the Vice President of Client Services for both Sheridan Ohio and Sheridan New Hampshire. He’s responsible for Estimating, Purchasing, Client Services for both the OH and NH facilities, and he also manages a few House Accounts. His journey started back in 1996, when he was hired on at the Ohio facility as a Digital Operator. Burt recalls, “I was the 4th person hired into the Digital Department, then in Prepress. We began to work with files to output film, then we evolved to computer-to-plate.”

From Digital Operator, Burt was promoted to Digital Supervisor, then to Prepress Manager, then was given the opportunity to be Pressroom and Prepress Manager. The next step was Digital Printing Manager, and then Burt was asked to manage Customer Service. Says Burt, “A wise person once told me, it is always better to be asked to do something than not, so when asked, I try to do the task to the best of my ability.”

“I have been blessed to work with some great people. I have a ton of respect for our employees and I’m so proud to be able work with them. I have been very fortunate to have some great mentors in my life to learn from, lean on, challenge me, and bounce ideas off, which has allowed me to grow as a person. I feel very fortunate for the opportunities I’ve been given.” Burt cares deeply for both Sheridan employees and customers, saying that when both are successful, it makes him proud to be a part of that.

Sheridan adheres to a dynamic set of Core Values and that, for Burt, is what makes Sheridan a world-class company. “We are up to the challenge of trying to make a difference every day.”

Burt’s advice to future Sheridan employees: “Be willing to work hard, learn from your coworkers and be nice to people. Take advantage of opportunities when they come along. That might mean working different hours, working overtime, etc., but if you are willing to put the time in and learn, Sheridan has opportunities to make a good living and provide a great life for your family, which is what it’s all about!”  Well said, Burt!