Sheridan Confidential: Success Stories from our Employees – Part 1

by Sheridan

What does It mean to work for a world-class company? We asked the people who would know: our own employees! From a variety of vocations and backgrounds, these Sheridan employees are sharing the secrets to their success, and not surprisingly, Sheridan is at the core. Part 1 in this series of short interviews features Jeff Gardiner from Sheridan Ohio.  Look for posts from other employees sharing their stories in the weeks to come.  Read on and be inspired!!

Jeff Gardiner, an Account Manager at Sheridan Ohio, describes his current job this way: “I convert print orders into workable information for the success of our customers and Sheridan, while maintaining positive relationships.”  Jeff started with the company in March of 1997 in the blueline/proofing area. From there, he worked in plating, was a film coordinator, a digital archiver, a material handler, worked in prepress quality control, and became a prepress digital operator. Along the way, Jeff’s values of being helpful and honest at all times served him well.

Jeff credits “faith, family, self-actualization, and many important colleagues over the years” who helped him and gave him a chance. Says Jeff, “We all have an impact on each other every day.”

Jeff loves his job. “My job allows me to be adaptive to the ever-changing conditions of print. Whether those challenges are internal or external, overcoming them offers a sense of achievement. I analyze those events and make improvements for the next time. This job also gives me responsibility and connectedness. I know that the effort I put in has an influence on somebody else.”

Sheridan’s world-class service provider status is for Jeff all about offering versatility of services and products, keeping customer need at the center of all Sheridan does.

His final advice for future Sheridan employees? “Life, inside and outside of work, has highs and lows. It’s the low moments that can make you or break you, and it’s your decision which path you take. Find your strengths and put yourself in positions that exploit those strengths.”