Selling Your Content Directly to Consumers Just Got Easier

by Laura


At Sheridan, we’re committed to continually improving our services to meet customers’ diverse publishing needs. Our most recent improvement is the addition of seven important new features to our direct-to-eCommerceconsumer sales platforms, Sheridan Connect and Publisher Connect. These features further simplify the purchasing and behind-the-scenes processes for both publishers and their customers, making it easier than ever for publishers to connect consumers with their content in a simple, seamless, and intuitive manner.

New features enhance eCommerce

The seven new features include improvements to ordering, reporting, fulfillment, and customer access:

  • Bulk ordering — permits bulk sales of eBooks and journal anthologies by providing purchasers authorization codes to distribute to customers (such as students or conference attendees), who then use the codes to download their copy of the eContent.
  • Order import — lets administrators quickly and easily import bulk orders that are taken offline into the system using a comma-separated values (CSV) file.
  • Advanced reporting — provides a single, powerful report that includes order details, sales, and consumer data and can be downloaded as a CSV file for easy analysis.
  • Warehouse fulfillment — integrates the Sheridan Connect platform with a designated warehouse to ship and update orders and maintain inventory levels.
  • Membership authentication — enables a user who logs into a Sheridan Connect site to authenticate using existing credentials that the publisher manages.
  • Tiered pricing — used in conjunction with membership authentication, tiered pricing allows the administrator to set different price points for the same item. When customers are logged in, they will see pricing appropriate for their membership level (such as member, nonmember, or student).
  • Custom products — allows publishers using Sheridan Connect to sell general merchandise and apparel alongside their titles, which lets them generate additional revenue.

For an overview of how Sheridan’s direct-to-consumer eCommerce and fulfillment service works, check out our new Sheridan Connect video.