Reach Your Readers – Anytime, Anywhere

by Laura


reading ebook at homeFrom severe weather to power outages to illness, there are infinite reasons why people can be stuck at home. To escape the doldrums of being cooped up, many turn to books for a mental escape and to pass the time. Books not only offer a reprieve from the outside world, they can have a positive impact on a reader’s mind and overall health.

One format doesn’t fit all

When your readers are unable to visit their favorite bookstore, make sure that they are still able to purchase your book in their desired format. While print may be the preferred format for most readers, when stuck at home readers may turn to the convenience of being able to download a book in seconds rather than wait for it to arrive on their door step. “Many successful publishers offer multiple eBook formats and reading experiences to allow readers to choose what best suites their reading styles or devices,” remarks Brian Nordyke, eCommerce Manager at Sheridan. By having your book available in both print and eBook formats, you can be sure to reach your reader no matter what format they prefer, or find easiest to access.

Accessibility is key

When it comes to making your book accessible to readers, it is crucial that you have your book listed for sale on your website in addition to third party retailers. Rather than direct visitors from your site to a third party retailer to purchase your book, when you sell directly from your website you retain control over the price and distribution method of your title.

“Our most successful eCommerce customers are ones that offer their titles in multiple formats,” comments Nordyke. “Offering both print and electronic format options provides readers with choices tailored to their needs, which may change due to circumstances.” For readers that want instant access to your title, eBooks can be downloaded and read immediately after purchase. For print orders, they can either be fulfilled from a warehouse, or printed on demand at the time the order is placed and sent directly to the purchaser after only a few short days – the time required to print the book.

Making your book available in multiple formats, and in multiple places, allows you to reach your readers anytime, anywhere.

If you are interested in converting your title to an eBook, or establishing a direct to consumer eCommerce platform on your website, Sheridan can help. Contact a Sheridan representative to take the next step in expanding your book’s reach.