Publishers’ Book Manufacturing Needs Slow, but Non-Print Technologies Grow

by Laura


Findings from Sheridan’s customer satisfaction survey show that publisher’s book manufacturing needs are slowing in 2018, while the need for single-copy print-on-demand (POD) and non-print technologies is growing.

When asked, “Did your book manufacturing needs grow or decline in the past 12 months?” 53% of survey respondents in 2018 said their print needs grew, down from 66% in 2017.

Book Manufacturing Needs Grow / Decline Chart

One possible explanation for this trend is that publishers are turning to non-print technologies to achieve their business goals.

In 2018, 22% of respondents indicated that eBook conversion would help them achieve their business goals in the coming year, up 7% from 2017. eBook distribution also saw an increase over 2017, rising from 8% to 12%.

Not surprisingly, single-copy POD tops the list of technologies that will help publishers achieve their goals in the coming year—growing by 7% over 2017 data to 35% of respondents indicating a desire for this technology. What isn’t clear from the data is whether the publishers who responded this way are currently using POD or not. Regardless, the growth in POD data is in line with the overall industry trend toward shorter print runs.

Technologies to Help Publishers Achieve Goals Chart

Where do your company’s growth and needs fall? Are you exploring new technologies to achieve your business goals? Talk with your printer to see what services they offer to help you achieve success in the coming year.

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