Print Profits from your online-only journals… and you don’t have to do a thing.

by Susan


Are online-only journals the only option for your readers? As a growing affinity for print continues among Millennials through the Gen Z crowd, you have the option to honor each and every request for a print publication—without printing one copy or lifting one finger. 

Better yet? As some leading scholarly publishers in the industry can attest, this is a very lucrative option for them.

Whether your journal(s) were born online or transitioned to online-only from print, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t offer a print option. And for those who transitioned from print to online-only, the savings and efficiencies of transitioning are almost always offset by some lost subscribers—and in the case of those who provide advertising opportunities—lost advertising dollars.

But what if you licensed the print for your online-only journals to the industry’s leading print-on-demand journal provider? Who also happens to have industry-leading subscriber/member services?

Sheridan IS the industry’s leading print-on-demand journal provider, so it makes sense that we can easily handle the mechanics of a print program for online-only titles. Our powerful central print management system, Sheridan Select™, is the engine, and our professional Subscriber Services staff is the conduit.

Our unique program – Sheridan Licensed Print Management – makes offering a print option completely effortless for our publishers. And we do mean effortless:

  1. Provide your online-only journal files to Sheridan, and we will store them in our Electronic Warehouse.
  2. Sheridan builds a means for your members to request that print version right on your journal’s website. And yes, we can easily fulfill single issue or entire subscription requests.
  3. That link on your site leads seamlessly to our POD interface, our eCommerce platform, and our Subscriber Services team.
  4. Sheridan Subscriber Services receives the order, places it, invoices it, and manages it through production to delivery.
  5. Sheridan issues a quarterly report to you, along with a quarterly check:

It really couldn’t be easier, but what about this quarterly check? We’ve been successfully managing this program for other publishers, and we’ve seen the benefit of placing a premium on print. People who want a print version are willing to pay for it. You set the premium and we award that premium to you. It’s simple and seamless, and everybody’s happy. Your readers get a choice, you see a profit, and you never lose your focus on your online-only digital publishing platform.