Joining Forces with Sheridan – Through the Lens of The American Foreign Service Association

by Susan


The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) has partnered with Sheridan to print their prestigious Foreign Service Journal. In early spring, FSJ Editor-in-Chief Shawn Dorman and Managing Editor Kathryn Owens traveled to Hanover, NH to tour Sheridan’s New Hampshire plant, where FSJ issues will now print. AFSA President Eric Rubin―in New Hampshire for speaking events at Dartmouth College―was also able to join in on the plant tour and meet his new print representatives.

The staff wrote about their visit, and published their impressions on their site for members to view:

Begun in 1793 as part of Dartmouth College, the printer became a separate entity known as Dartmouth Press in 1843, and then became Dartmouth Printing Company in 1938. Finally, in 1998 it was purchased by Sheridan Group.

Over its long history, Sheridan has expanded its scope from college publications to short-to medium-run magazines such as The Journal.

“A publication like ours is Sheridan’s sweet spot, and with its fine reputation for quality printing and customer service, Sheridan seems like an excellent fit for what we do,” Ms. Owens said.

Sheridan Sales Representative Emily Fullerton agrees: “We are so proud to print such an important and prestigious publication for the American Foreign Service Association. We look forward to working with The Foreign Service Journal well into the future.”

Sheridan employees working at each location in the plant walked the group through the complete production process, starting in prepress where, among other things, the printing plates are custom made.

Winding through the large (and loud) warehouse of various types of machinery, the group ended at the bindery, where the loose pages are bound together into the finished product—and where it was exciting to see stacks of AFSA News pages ready for this last stage.

We were able to leave the plant with bound and ready-to-mail copies of the March Journal, fresh off the presses.

Sheridan welcomes ASFA to the fold and looks forward to a long and beneficial union!


AFSA - Eric and Shawn AFSA - Kathryn, Shawn, Emily AFSA - Shawn, Kathryn, Dale

AFSA President Eric Rubin and FSJ Editor in Chief Shawn Dorman with AFSA News pages at the plant during production of the March Journal.

FSJ Managing Editor Kathryn Owens (left), Editor in Chief Shawn Dorman (right) and Sheridan Sales Representative Emily Fullerton in the press department

FSJ Editor in Chief Shawn Dorman (left), Managing Editor Kathryn Owens and Sheridan Account Manager Dale Ricker surrounded by rolls of paper at the plant.