To Hinge or Not to Hinge

by Laura


As an author or publisher there are many decisions to make that influence the appearance and quality of a book.  From how the text and cover will be laid out and designed, to  choosing the right material for each, to deciding what lamination to use, there is one small process that is often overlooked for soft cover bindings.  Hinge scoring.

Hinge scoring is a process where additional front and back glue is applied about 1/8” from the spine and a score is made on the covers at the edge of this additional glue lap. Hinge scoring allows books to open easier and with less pressure on the spine.

Helpful Hint – If you choose to hinge score your cover be sure to take into consideration how it will impact your cover design.  If your first and last pages or inside covers print, keep the text away from the binding edge.

Examples of covers with hinge scoring

 examples of covers with hinge scoring

Examples of covers without hinge scoring

examples of covers without hinge scoring

Check with your printer to see if hinge scoring is available and if there is an extra charge for it (at Sheridan the cost is the same regardless if you hinge score or not).

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