Going the Extra Mile – Accessorial Freight Services Explained

by Laura


Btruck route signook publishers come in all shapes and sizes and have varying needs and requirements.  Similarly, so do their book shipments.  With book shipments going to a variety of places – warehouses, stores, churches, schools, homes, etc. – additional instructions are often necessary to get the shipments to their location. 

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about your freight shipment.

  • Do you need to be notified before the shipment is delivered? 
  • Do you require the shipment to be placed inside the delivery location? 
  • Will your shipment be going to a residential location that requires a small truck to make the delivery? 
  • Will your shipment be going to a place with a loading dock?

Most freight companies offer accessorial services to ensure that your shipment is delivered in the manner that meets your needs (and can accommodate their truck sizes). 

Call Before Delivery

  • For an additional charge, you can be notified by your local terminal before the delivery arrives.  Typically the carrier will call the day ahead or the morning of delivery.  This does not guarantee a call before will be made to schedule an appointment.  Delivery can be delayed at least 24 hours.

Call 24 Hours Before Delivery to Schedule Delivery Appointment

  • This service ensures that the carrier will call you at least 24 hours in advance and arrangements can be made for delivery.  An additional charge will be applied and delivery can be delayed at least 24 hours.

Inside Delivery

  • When inside delivery is requested, pallets are removed from the truck and placed directly inside the threshold of the delivery location.  Examples include placing the pallet inside a garage or storage unit.  If cartons need to be removed from the pallet and placed in a specific location, this is considered White Glove Service.  White Glove Service is available at an additional charge and must be specified up front.  Please note: freight carriers will not guarantee help for taking books inside or being moved, etc. due to union contracts.

Residential Delivery

  • When a freight carrier makes a delivery to any non-commercial or private location, including commercial establishments or businesses that are not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours, it is considered a residential delivery.  This applies to locations such as apartments, camps, churches, farms, mini-storage units, and schools.  An additional charge will be applied for this delivery type.

Lift Gate

  • A lift gate is used to remove the pallet from the truck to ground level.  This service is not available at all terminals.  Where it is available, the service will be provided at an additional cost.  This charge may or may not be avoided when the bill of lading is marked “tailgate delivery” where books will be taken to the rear of the truck.

Be sure to ask for these accessorial services upfront when submitting your shipping instructions to your printer or when coordinating your own freight shipments. 

Keep in mind, the services and cost for each may differ from one freight provider to the next.  Always ask your printer or freight provider if there is an additional charge for the service you need.

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