Expand Your Reach with eBooks in 3 Simple Steps

by Leann


Converting your title to an eBook gives your audience the option of choosing where and how they read, be it print or electronic, at home or on the go. All it takes is three simple steps: pick your format, review your converted file, and distribute your eBook.

Step 1:  Deciding which format and layout is right for you

There are several formats to choose from when converting your title to an eBook.  Unsure which format is right for you?   Sheridan can help you decide which will be best for your book. We also convert to popular formats that are compatible with today’s leading eBook readers, tablets, mobile devices, and computers.

Popular formats include:

  • ePub – This is the most common type of eBook format and can be read on most devices.  Content is reflowable, meaning that it adjusts to the device it is being read on.  If you wish to maintain the overall design of your eBook and not allow the reader to change how content is displayed, then you will want to convert to a fixed format ePUB. Fixed formats are great for children’s books and cookbooks.
  • Mobi – The Mobi format can be sold on Amazon and read on Kindle devices. Similar to an ePub, content is reflowable and the option exists to convert to a fixed format.
  • ePDF – Perfect for a larger screen, like a computer, and text can be linked from the table of contents to chapters as well as websites.
  • XML – This format is used less often for eBook conversions.  It’s best used for archiving purposes and can be repurposed to other file formats.

Step 2: Reviewing your converted eBook file

Before releasing it to consumers, it is always a great idea to review your eBook file to ensure the presentation and functionality are what you had in mind.

Depending on the file format, Sheridan suggests the following software to review your new eBook:

  • Mobi formats – Kindle or Kindle app
  • ePDF formats – Adobe Reader
  • ePub formats – depends on your device. Examples are: Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader for your computer and iBooks for your iOS device

Step 3:  Distributing your eBook

Retailers, libraries, direct to consumers – there are many avenues to distribute your eBooks and when you use Sheridan’s Conversion services, you own the files.  You can sell them on your website or send them directly to third party retailers.  If you don’t already have an avenue to distribute your books from your own website, Sheridan offers multiple eCommerce Solutions for you to sell your eBook direct to consumers.

To learn more about Sheridan’s eBook Conversion services, contact your Sales Representative today.