Belly Bands, Cover Wraps, and Gate Folds, Oh My! 8 Ways to Wow Advertisers

by Susan


Magazine CoverAdvertisers are constantly searching for new ways to attract and keep the attention of their audience. Dartmouth Printing Company’s specialty add-on print treatments are designed to do just that. And what’s good for advertisers is ultimately good for magazine publishers and their bottom line.

How can you let advertisers know about these exciting options? Sheridan’s Idea Book is a reference guide that showcases several ways to make your print publication more exciting so you can capitalize on more advertising dollar opportunities.

Grab readers with belly bands

Using a belly band around your magazine is an effective way to get an advertiser’s message in front of readers. A belly band is the first thing consumers see when they pick up your magazine, and because they have to remove the band to open the magazine, they are highly likely to notice the ads on both the front and back. Many advertisers use bands to offer a teaser and direct the reader to the relevant content inside.

Wrap it

Cover wraps are stapled to and partially wrap around your publication’s cover. They are great for late-breaking or last-minute information such as upcoming events and conferences. Typically covering about ½ of the vertical image on both the front and back cover, these highly visible vehicles naturally have great design potential. Mimic or riff on the cover design for a seamless look. Another great idea: consider using the cover wrap to creatively signify a regional version of your magazine.

The eight-page barrel cover

When advertisers have a lot to say, they can maximize their message by turning the front cover into multiple unfolding panels. Demonstrate how they can use the beginning panels to grab the reader with eye-catching imagery, and then reinforce the message with a wrap-up on subsequent panels.

Bind it in so readers can tear it out

When a reader values a piece of content, it often ends up in a three-ring binder for future reference. Make a friend of your readers by providing pieces of content in a perforated, pre-punched insert bound into the magazine. You can take it one step further by selling inserts to advertisers as a series.

Open up the French gate

When a one-page ad can’t tell the whole story, offer advertisers this masterpiece. Our French gate feature is a two-piece cover with flaps that meet in the middle. The front provides intriguing hints that entice readers to open the gate to view the advertiser’s message.

Eight-page signature offers flexibility

Sheridan offers an eight-page signature option for publishers that want to add content but don’t want to jump up to a 16- or 32-page signature — or for those that don’t have enough content to fill an existing signature. The smaller signature can also be perfect for adding a special advertising supplement for additional revenue.

Tip-on poster

Are your advertisers taking advantage of tip-on posters to spread their message? If not, you should be talking to them about the benefits of the large format and staying power of this medium. Sheridan makes it easy to add a poster to your publication. We offer various paper and coating options and handle the entire production process from printing to folding to tipping the poster into a 16-page signature.

QR and AR provide virtual experiences through print

Some of the most fun and flexible mobile technologies available today are actually designed to enhance print. QR codes and augmented reality (AR) are technologies “embedded” in the printed page that come to life when the reader uses his or her smart phone to snap either the QR code, or an image in which AR technology has been layered. Interactivity with the reader can take many forms — video, audio, websites, supplemental information — and Sheridan’s technology experts are ready to help.

Educate advertisers

Request the Print Possibilities Planner from your Sheridan sales professional to learn more about these features. Then use the resource to show your advertisers the variety of eye-catching options they have for showcasing their ads in your publications!