Are Adult Coloring Books Leaving You Tickled Pink, or Green with Envy?

by Laura


colored pencilsWhether buyers are looking for an outlet to reduce anxiety, a unique gift idea, or a way or reconnect with their inner child, adult coloring books are taking hold across the globe.

Buyers and publishers alike are tickled pink

From appearing on bestsellers lists to spurring double digit growth in colored pencils, adult coloring books are showing their true colors amongst consumers.  While buyers may be experiencing health benefits as a result of the coloring craze, publishers are quickly experiencing the positive benefits adult coloring has on their sales too.

Turn your competition green with envy

At Sheridan, we’ve witnessed firsthand an increase in the production of adult coloring books as publishers extend their book series or product lines with coloring books that compliment their publishing genre.

If you’ve been thinking about joining the craze but need some inspiration for how to tie coloring books to your topics, here are some ideas to get your creative color wheels spinning:

  • Further connect your readers to your characters with vivid scenes from chapter books.
  • Stimulate mouthwatering ingredient substitutions with decadent recipes from a cookbook.
  • Inspire the use of alternate colors and materials with intricate patterns from a craft book.
  • Educate and engage students on a whole new level with internal diagrams from a scientific book.

Sharpen your pencils, layout your crayons, and jump on the bandwagon – as a result, your health and bottom line may benefit from it.