17th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style Comes Full Circle for Sheridan

by Laura


The Chicago Manual of StyleThe latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style has come full circle for Sheridan. The circle began when work on the 17th Edition was underway and Peter Olson, then Sheridan Senior Copyediting Coordinator,* served as an Advisory Board member

As a seasoned veteran of the publishing industry—with over 20 years of experience copyediting and developing editorial and technical style guides—Olson made several suggestions that made their way into the 17th Edition, including citation formats for retracted journal articles and journal articles that use content ID numbers versus traditional page ranges, as well as a few new entries in the manual’s glossary of terms.

Style, Inside and Out

The recent printing of the 17th Edition was awarded to Sheridan’s facility in Chelsea, MI. Sheridan’s high-quality web offset printing capabilities coupled with a Smyth-sewn binding ensure this reference work will have a long shelf life. From the style, usage, and grammar tips printed on its pages to the natural text stock, printed endsheets, special order dyed cloth, and jacketed stamped case, attention to detail and style was given to this manual, both inside and out.

Full Circle

From Olson’s role on the Advisory Board to the title rolling off the presses, this title has come full circle at Sheridan. The Chicago Manual of Style is a trusted guide among many writers, editors, proofreaders, designers, and publishers, and Sheridan is honored to have been involved in the printing of the 17th Edition.

*Note: CJK Group, Sheridan’s parent company, recently purchased Cenveo Publisher Services and Cenveo Learning and merged it with Sheridan Journal Services to form KnowledgeWorks Global Limited, where Peter continues on as Senior Copyediting Coordinator.