10 Quotes and Complete Notes from AAUP 2017

by Laura


AAUP 2017 ProgramThe Association of American University Presses (AAUP) annual meeting took place June 11-13, 2017 in Austin, TX. Heating things up inside the sessions and out (90+ degrees!), university press colleagues shared ideas and experiences on an array of topics in an ongoing effort to strengthen their practices going forward in the ever-changing world of publishing. As Dan Rather said during the opening reception, “Those that adapt with the change of the 21st century will be the leaders.”

While geared toward the university press community, I am confident that all publishers will find relevant information in my complete notes from the sessions I attended which I am pleased to share with you.

 10 Quotes from AAUP Sessions

  1. Think of covers as you would outdoor advertising—consider how it will function as a way finder rather than a work of art.—Cover Design
  2. Learn when to push back and when to give in.—Cover Design
  3. Small presses need to keep sinking deep roots into campus life—helping to fulfill the university’s mission itself.—No Silos and Limited Resources
  4. To control cash out the door you need someone who is tuned in to sales, knows the supply chain and how it works, can do sales analysis, knows the editorial process, and sees all the different factors and how they play together and can be objective about it.— No Silos and Limited Resources
  5. A new value proposition: Please buy our journals to keep our journals free.—New Financial Models for Journals
  6. Look at the strategic plan of editors, departments, and the university to identify what they are focusing on right now and how the journal aligns.—New Financial Models for Journals
  7. There are a few exceptions, but most of the time authors are not involved in the design and proofing process.—Peculiar Demands of Illustrated Books
  8. The bigger decision is to decide if it prints 4/c or b/w.—Peculiar Demands of Illustrated Books
  9. Don’t create reasons to NOT adopt your book.—Textbook Publishing
  10. If it [open educational resources (OER)] all had to be free, it should have been called “FER.” —Textbook Publishing

Complete session notes are available for download as a PDF courtesy of Sheridan.  Download your copy today!