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Print Products

Catalog Printing—from Start to Finish

Sheridan’s New Hampshire facility is where catalog printing happens. This world-class printing facility is ideally suited for catalogs with run lengths of 5,000–50,000. At Sheridan, high standards underscore every part of our business, and we are committed to producing the highest-quality print catalog for you.

Printing Catalogs With an Emphasis on Small

At Sheridan, our catalog customers are predominantly small businesses, and when you visit you’ll find that we look, feel, and support you like a small company would. But because we’re part of a larger organization, we offer a full spectrum of services ranging from low-volume digital print solutions to offset web printing for higher runs, as well as co-mail and distribution services to help reduce postal costs, digital solutions for online catalogs, and, of course, our unmatched personalized service.

From a quality standpoint, our facility is 100% closed-loop color controlled to ensure a top-quality catalog—all the time, every time. When your catalog comes off the press, we’re not done. The flexibility of our bindery is evident as customers take advantage of selective and demographic mailing options, as well as personalized inkjet addressing and messaging.

Commitment to Excellence

Your catalog is the face of your organization, so satisfaction with the printed piece is critical to us. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership with you using our teamwork approach. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and we are not satisfied unless we do.