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Electronic Products

Electronic Catalogs for the Mobile Consumer

As online and mobile shopping continue to reshape the retail industry, more and more catalogers are looking for a way to provide online versions of their print catalogs. Sheridan can help you create a digital solution so you don’t miss out on a sale! Whether you want a simple online edition or want to take your catalog to the next level with mobile access, you won’t believe the revenue-generating opportunities that digital catalogs offer! Prepare to be amazed when you hear what our technology experts suggest. Sheridan’s Digital Editions offer feature-rich HTML5-responsive viewing that allows for a superior reader experience regardless of device. No more page flipping—this robust interactive platform can go deep, with standard features that include embedded as well as streaming audio, video, and links to your website for easy ordering. See an example of Sheridan’s Digital Edition in action: click this link. To analyze the effectiveness of your digital catalog, we offer a comprehensive analytics package that provides access to meaningful data on readership, promotion, effectiveness, and demographics, meaning you can work smarter to increase sales.