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Co-Mail and Distribution

It used to be that only large-circulation catalogs could take advantage of postal discounts for using co-mail. Now, short-run catalogers can earn significant postal discounts, too. Co-mail is the process of mixing different-sized catalogs and publications from multiple sources to produce sorted and bundled packages that are as USPS delivery friendly as possible.

Real Postal Savings

Because we pre-sort and group your catalogs with other catalogs and publications going to the same destinations at the same time, they enter the mail stream closer to their ultimate point of delivery, bypassing most of the handling by the USPS. The benefits of co-mail include:

  • Significant net postage savings
  • Controlled and very reliable delivery schedules
  • Reduced chance of damage due to reduced handling

Our weekly co-mail pools can accommodate variable trim sizes, page counts, and either perfect-bound or saddle-stitch catalogs with a quantity of as few as 5,000 pieces. Our co-mail operation is designated a USPS full-service mailer, and offers IMb and web-based client tracking.

Talk to an Expert

Your savings can vary based on a number of factors. To help your catalog program realize the greatest savings possible, our in-house postal expert can help you navigate the co-mail process and analyze the variables to find the most savings possible for your catalog. Contact us to arrange a one-on-one discussion about your catalog distribution requirements.