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Catalog Distribution that Makes Cents!

Once your catalog has been printed, you need a partner who will not only ensure a timely arrival to your reader’s mailbox, but will also work with you to ensure you’re using the most cost-effective catalog distribution solution possible.

Your Personal Postal Specialist

Can’t keep up with all the changes taking place at the USPS? Not sure if co-mail is right for your catalog? Don’t worry—our on-site postal specialists can help. They monitor changes in postal regulations and help explain what it means to you and your budget. They also are available to review and evaluate your catalog distribution options and help you determine the path forward. At Sheridan, we understand the impact changing postal regulations have on your catalog distribution. We will be your advocate in all aspects of the production and distribution of your publications.

Co-Mail Advantage

Co-mail can be complicated, so why not work with someone who can help you achieve the greatest discounts possible? Working with quantities as low as 5,000 pieces, Sheridan’s co-mail program offers analysis, postal savings, reliable delivery schedules, and tracking.

List Services

Sheridan offers a full range of data-processing functions, including list hygiene, presort and co-mingling, merge/purge functions, and output file and database tracking and reporting. Using leading-edge technologies, we analyze all incoming files, cross-referencing new and old information to ensure list effectiveness. As an added benefit, we offer NCOA services, giving our customer the convenience of a one-stop resource for all list needs.