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Content Preparation

Sheridan and Insite Making Catalog Print Production Easier

To ensure that your catalog print production process gets started the right way, Sheridan utilizes an internet-based resource called InSite™, which allows you to upload PDF files directly to us. With Insite™, preflighting is automatically performed as your PDFs upload. The system visually identifies any suspect items, and your files can be proofed within minutes. InSite also facilitates remote soft proofing, letting you view your catalog pages on screen—or, if you would like, you can obtain a printout at your location.

Software training and technical support for all aspects of digital file creation and submission is available through our highly skilled technicians on staff. They offer invaluable expertise to help you prepare and submit files so they flow seamlessly into the print production process. Our FTP service is available 24 hours a day, enabling the transfer of large quantities of data through a dedicated connection.

Talk to us today about using InSite™ to help make your catalog production process flow more smoothly.