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Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group conference entitled “Who Is Looking Out For Your Business?” There were three speakers planned for the day: Amy Africa, the President/Owner of Eight-by-Eight, an internet consulting agency specializing in online sales; Kevin Hillstrom, President of Mine That Data, a consultancy that helps CEOs understand complex relationships between customers, products and marketing and finally, Bill LaPierre, the VP of Business Intelligence at Datamann, the conference sponsor

Catalog companies of all shapes and sizes were present, eager to hear about the future of the catalog industry and how it may impact their businesses. Here’s a quick summary of what each speaker covered.

Bill LaPierre – Pay Attention IF You Want To Survive

Catalogers need to focus on segmenting buyers. Break your catalogs down into product segments and market to specific buyers with smaller catalogs. Get buyer information/buying trends from Google Analytics though not just demographic info, but more in-depth analysis on how a buyer did their search to find your web site, what produces they purchased, as well as the standard demographics. Then design a catalog of products that fits this group and market it exclusively to them.

Kevin Hillstrom – Choices That Make A Difference

Catalog buyers are getting older. It’s better to have products that this demographic want to purchase. There are three basic types of buyers: Catalog, E-commerce and Store. Make sure you know the difference between these buyers and sell specific products to them and their preferred channel.

Amy Africa – Forget What Else You’ve Heard – This Is The Future of Ecommerce

Mobile sales will surpass on-line buying in next 10 years. Be sure to have a mobile component in your marketing strategy, whether it’s a mobile version of your catalog or mobile-optimized web pages. Start asking your customers for mobile phone numbers as way of contacting them. In the future, a customer’s search method will change to voice search. You’ll need to be prepared.

If you’d like to learn more, I’m available to take you through what was discussed. Contact me here.