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Did you ever stop to think about your company’s brand? What it is and why it matters to your catalog customer? Let’s take a few minutes to explore these concepts.

What Is A Brand?

A brand is a collection of how a consumer sees, talks about, and experiences your company. It’s not just a logo or color scheme. It goes much deeper than that. You need to pay attention to how people (not just your customers) engage with your brand and work to make sure those experiences are positive.

Why Do Brands Matter?

With positive experiences, you’re building trust with those individuals who interact with your brand. Customer or not, everyone matters. As you build more trust, you build a stronger brand. And a strong brand has many benefits:Why Your Catalog Brand Matters

  • Repeat/or loyal customers Your relationship with your customers was built over time. Your product(s) has continually met and/or exceeded your customer’s needs, so there’s no reason for them to go elsewhere. As you grow, remember to be consistent.
  • Credibility in the marketplace Say what you’ll do and do what you say. Remember, brand is about trust. Your reputation precedes you and this is the first place your can begin to erode your brand. Regularly monitor brand perception and be sure everyone in the organization knows the results.
  • Customer recommendations/referrals Satisfied customers tell others about you and make sure they know how great you are. Don’t just monitor customer feedback, manage it.
  • High employee morale Are your employees are proud to work for you? Happy employees attract other quality employees. Plus, top candidates may even seek you out.
  • Authority in the marketplace Become an industry expert. With a strong brand, you will be sought out for topical conversations about your product or industry.
  • Sought-after products A strong brand delivers products and services the customer truly wants. Make sure you understanding the current and future needs of your customers. Stay relevant.
  • Can charge more Yes, it’s true. Be smart and price your products based on your consumers’ perceived value – don’t undermine your value by promoting huge discounts or price reductions.

Ultimately, brand is about caring about your business at every level – customers, prospects, employee and industry. Paying attention to all the details and little things that can delight a customer or prospective customer and will go a long way to helping you build a strong brand and reap its benefits. Disappoint them and, well… take a note from Samsung, Volkswagen or Lululemon.

At Sheridan, we’re a short-run catalog printer, not a branding agency. But we know all about doing the little things right and delighting customers. Contact us and let’s talk about how your catalog can build your brand.