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Sheridan’s roots in Hanover, PA date back to 1915, but we’re anything but old school. We’re actually the flagship company to nine Sheridan plants across the country, and in Hanover, you’ll find a tight-knit group of employees who know how to have fun and work hard. The content we produce and the technology solutions we provide reach all corners of the world. At our core, we are more than just printers of world-class publications, we are a family of innovators and doers who are a part of something far greater than ourselves.

As one of the leading print and publishing service providers in the nation, Sheridan prints everything from best-selling books to textbooks, prestigious medical and scientific journals to bibles, popular magazines and catalogs, and so much more. We also create digital content and offer an array of solutions that simplify customers’ workflows.

Our sales and customer service teams work directly with customers to understand their needs. Our planning and production teams turn publishers’ manuscripts into printed masterpieces using the latest equipment and technologies. Our shipping and accounting teams get books out the door and keep our budgets balanced. In fact, every person under our roof is a valued team member that keeps us moving forward, and our customers smiling.

We are continually growing, and are looking for new team members to grow with us. Take the first step toward an exciting new career that matters by applying today.

Open Job Postings to come. Please check again.