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Digital Print Advantage

Ultra Short Print Runs Are as Easy as: Submit. Order. Print. Ship.

When you need an ultra-short run with a quick turn-around, print-on-demand is where publishers turn. To simplify your print-on-demand ordering process, Sheridan has developed the Digital Print Advantage web-based ordering system whereby publishers can submit, order, and ship books efficiently and economically in short runs. Once titles have been submitted and prepped, you can order books as you need them, anytime, from anywhere, and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

What to expect:

  • 1–500 copies
  • One-color or full four-color text printing
  • Soft-bound, printed-case, and stamped-case bindings
  • Books produced in 2–5 days
  • Step-by-step file and order submission

From eliminating inventory, to expanding the life of your backlist, to getting books quickly, to test marketing new titles, Digital Print Advantage makes ordering your ultra-short runs as easy as: Submit. Order. Print. Ship.

Already have your titles in Sheridan’s Digital Print Advantage program? Contact [email protected] for help placing your order.