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Production Workflows

Accomplish More with Sheridan’s Product Management and Book Production Workflow Solutions

Take streamlining and efficiency to new heights with book production workflow solutions from Sheridan that put you in control, simplify your tasks, eliminate redundancies, and ultimately create an all-new, improved workflow.


Experience incredible ease in order placement, production, distribution, tracking, and reporting with Select. At the core of this exclusive in-house developed system is power and versatility through central product management. Manage book and journal production—whether “one-off” print-on-demand (POD) or print runs in the thousands, perfect bound or case bound, or toner, inkjet, or offset print. The system integrates with your own business rules to channel orders to the appropriate print locations.

Versatility and Automation for a Variety of Business Needs

  • First Printings of Books and Journals
  • Global Distributed Print
  • Back Issue Management
  • Zero Inventory Print-on-Demand
  • eCommerce Print-on-Demand
  • Print for Online-Only Titles

Digital Print Advantage™

Digital Print Advantage is a web-based book ordering system that lets you upload your files, place an order, and ship 1–500 copies—simply and economically. Books can be produced digitally in 2 to 5 days, and ordering only what you need means reduced or eliminated inventory costs.

Smart Systems with a Future

Integrated systems such as these are just the beginning. We know that as the complexity of print and electronic product management increases, publishers will continue to require systems that can do it all, and databases that tie together critical data. Look to Sheridan for a smarter way to work.

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