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Publisher Connect

A Turnkey Solution to Fulfill Electronic and Print Orders from Your Own Website

For publishers with an existing eCommerce system on their website, Publisher Connect seamlessly integrates behind the scenes to automatically fulfill electronic and print orders and open additional revenue channels.

Secure. Connected. Fulfilled

Securely hosting your eBooks and print-ready PDFs, Publisher Connect is a back-end platform that passes consumer order details from your website to Sheridan through an API call. Purchased eBooks are made available instantly for download or online reading. Print orders can either be fulfilled from a traditional warehouse or produced on-demand by Sheridan and shipped directly to the consumer.

Content Protection Options

Optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology ensures your downloadable eBooks are restricted to authorized users only. If you need protection with more flexibility, online reading (an alternative to DRM) offers enhanced study tools—such as flashcard and study guide creation—along with the ability to restrict printing or make content available for reading offline.

Don’t have an established eCommerce solution on your website yet? Check out our Sheridan Connect option.

Download the Marketing Tips and Techniques for Selling eBooks Directly to Consumers document to learn techniques used by publishers who have achieved success in their direct-to-consumer eBook sales efforts.