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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce: Connecting Consumers to Your Content and More

Selling content from your website connects you to your buyers and their buying habits, and in many cases provides a single fulfillment solution for both electronic and print content.

We understand that implementing or refining your current direct-to-consumer strategy takes time and resources. That’s why Sheridan has developed these unique eCommerce platforms to help you succeed in this everybody-wins medium and reach all of your readers.

Empowering You With the Tools You Need to Sell Print and Electronic Content—Extend Your Reach and Build Awareness.

  • Sheridan Connect: Sell print and electronic content directly to consumers from a fully hosted and branded eCommerce site.
  • Publisher Connect: Transparently integrate eBook and print fulfillment with your current eCommerce site.

Best of all, Sheridan is there for you every step of the way – helping you determine which solution fits best, then getting your eCommerce system up and running smoothly!

Sheridan has been a trusted partner for over a decade and once again exceeded our expectations. The eCommerce site is simple to navigate and user friendly for our customers and for our staff.

Thordis Boron

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

Modern book distribution means distributing content, not just format. We felt that partnering with Sheridan Books and utilizing their eBook and eCommerce Solutions would enable HFS to offer digital book distribution parallel to our core competencies in paper book distribution.

Davida Breier

Manager, Hopkins Fulfillment Services

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