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What’s New at Sheridan?

What’s new in the growing Sheridan family? With new locations, Sheridan is expanding in size, capability, and service offerings — and Sheridan Academy is an additional investment in employee growth and skill development.

CJK Group acquires McNaughton & Gunn

In March, CJK Group acquired the assets of McNaughton & Gunn in Saline, Michigan. This acquisition brings additional capacity to Sheridan’s printing operations and has been renamed Sheridan Saline, bringing the number of Sheridan’s print locations across the country to a total of eleven.

Founded in 1975 on the principle that “people make a difference,” McNaughton & Gunn has been continuously producing books for publishers and self-publishers around the world. Many of its original customers print there to this day because the company stayed true to their core value of delivering quality books that meet their customers’ individual needs. The entrepreneurial customer-centric culture at McNaughton & Gunn is a mirror reflection of our own and is a perfect fit for our Sheridan family of print facilities.

CJK Group acquires Allen Press

In January, CJK Group acquired the assets of venerable print and publishing services company Allen Press, located in Lawrence, Kansas. This acquisition is unique for CJK Group in that it supplements and expands services and capabilities to both the Sheridan print operations in addition to its KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. (KGL) content solutions company.

Allen Press originated in 1935 as a family-owned company serving a local print market and grew to incorporate a wide variety of editorial, production, marketing, and digital services tailored to the needs of independent society and association publishers.

The print facility has been renamed Sheridan Kansas and the plant’s central U.S. location affords Sheridan a strategic production option for both Midwest and West Coast publishing communities with more efficient mailing and distribution. Work is produced offset and digitally, with a full complement of finishing equipment; back issue fulfillment, warehousing, and ancillary graphics services also offered.

On the content side, Allen Press’s extensive suite of publishing services and technology solutions have been incorporated into the KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. operation, further bolstering KGL’s one-stop content proposition, which includes peer review and editorial office management, business consulting, AI-powered language analysis and copyediting, XML composition and proofing, digital and print production, and online hosting. The addition of Allen Press to the KGL portfolio adds marketing services, advertising sales, and association management to the spectrum of specialized services for scholarly publishers.

Sheridan launches Sheridan Academy

In December, Sheridan announced the development and implementation of Sheridan Academy, a proprietary training program structured to support and sustain the continuous learning and performance improvement of the next generation of workers.

Sheridan Academy provides senior level employees the opportunity to impart their knowledge, wisdom, and best practices – via a comprehensive standardized training program – to those that have a desire to grow their career with Sheridan. It is not just for new hires. Once fully developed, Sheridan Academy will outline both vertical and horizontal career development paths for operators, staff, and leadership, so that employees can grow their skills in multiple areas of the business.

“At a time when the manufacturing industry is becoming smaller and hiring experienced skilled workers is increasingly more difficult, investing in employee growth and development is more important than ever,” says Joe Dunlap, Sheridan’s Director of Training and Development.

“Sheridan is committed to developing every employee to their greatest potential,” comments Paul Bozuwa, Sheridan’s President. “Sheridan Academy is key to our future success – the program empowers employees, and builds a strong foundation for continued growth.”

Whether growing our business or helping our employees grow in their careers, Sheridan continues to invest in the future of print publishing. From print to eBooks and eCommerce, Sheridan has your book publishing needs covered. Contact your Sheridan representative for a consultation..

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