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Sheridan Expands Book Services with PubFactory Acquisition

Sheridan PubfactoryIf you’re currently using Sheridan book publishing services, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve added an exciting new online hosting platform for publishers. PubFactory is a content agnostic scholarly publishing platform and the only platform that fully supports books, journals, and multimedia content.

PubFactory is not your typical online publishing platform. Supporting scholarly publishers since 1999, PubFactory’s base application is fully developed and feature rich — ready “as is” to manage your publishing business or to be customized for experimentation and special projects.

Sheridan is a leading provider of publishing, printing, and technology solutions to publishers, associations, and university presses. Company offerings include high-quality printing, copy editing, and composition services; eCommerce solutions; mobile apps; mobile editions; ePrints; and print-on-demand services.

With the addition of PubFactory, Sheridan can provide a robust platform with a proven track record of supporting books, journals, reference works, and more as well as providing online hosting capabilities. PubFactory delivers website design capabilities, a SiteGen site launch module, configurable features, and precisely tuned search capabilities to maximize discoverability.

Although Sheridan offers the highest quality publishing services, we are most proud of our exceptional customer service. PubFactory’s “customer first” approach to publisher hosting relationships is a perfect fit for Sheridan.

Further complementing Sheridan’s business, PubFactory has a strong client base in Europe while Sheridan’s client base is primarily based in North America. José Fossi, Vice President of Client Services for PubFactory, said, “I’m ecstatic for PubFactory to become a primary part of Sheridan’s business and to embrace the many opportunities our integration will offer both teams. The richness of the synergies between our two groups is quite astonishing. It’s hard to think of a better partner — we complete each other’s offering and share customer centric cultural values.”

Sheridan PubFactory headquarters are in Boston with staff located elsewhere in the U.S., South America, and Europe.

We are all excited that the PubFactory platform will allow Sheridan to even more fully serve our new and existing clients — from print to eBooks and online hosting to eCommerce.

What could Sheridan PubFactory do for you? Contact your Sheridan representative for a consultation or to learn how Sheridan experts can help streamline and simplify your book publishing processes.

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