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Do You Know About These New Sheridan Capabilities?

The first half of 2017 saw the Sheridan Group grow its portfolio of publishing solutions, adding a host of capabilities with the addition of PubFactory and after the CJK Group acquisition. This stronger, more robust platform is good news for publishers who use Sheridan services, especially those looking for the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a one-stop shop for all their publishing needs.

CJK acquires Sheridan: Bigger is better

cjk group logoCJK Group acquired Sheridan April 1st in a mutually beneficial move that strengthens both companies’ product and service offerings. CJK is the holding company for Bang Printing, Hess Print Solutions, Sentinel Printing Company, Sheridan, Sinclair Printing Company, and Webcrafters and is one of the nation’s top content manufacturing and fulfillment services providers. Together, the companies provide publishers more facilities over a wider U.S. footprint, along with greater capacity and capabilities.

“Now, we can print copies from one to hundreds of thousands — from 32-page children’s books to 2,000-page tomes and everything in between — by leveraging the competencies of each site,” said Joe Thomson, Sheridan Vice President of Book Sales. “The new entity provides publishers a one-stop-shopping experience for all of their print, content preparation, and dissemination needs from a trusted partner who understands their business and who can apply the best solution to address their needs.”

PubFactory: A powerhouse of functionality

The addition of PubFactory on May 30th added new functionality — content hosting — under the Sheridan umbrella, making Sheridan an end-to-end publishing services provider.

cjk group logo“PubFactory is a hosting platform for publishers’ works, supporting their books, journals, databases, and multimedia content —including video and audio,” Thomson said. “Prior to PubFactory, Sheridan’s eCommerce platforms, Sheridan Select and Publisher Connect, enabled the sale of ‘e’ and physical content direct to consumers. PubFactory now provides publishers a robust platform to aggregate their content, as collections, and to make this content available to institutions, such as libraries.”

“PubFactory is an easy-to-use hosting platform that provides publishers with an editable branded website for displaying, distributing, and monetizing their author’s works,” Thomson said.

It also provides publishers opportunities to better engage with audiences — all without the trouble of launching and managing their own platforms.

One happy family

With the addition of all these capabilities and functionality, publishers can work with a trusted partner who can provide end-to-end solutions, ranging from content preparation to dissemination — all with an eye toward optimizing the entire process.

Contact your Sheridan representative for a consultation to discuss how Sheridan can streamline your publishing processes.

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