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CJK Group Invests in Its Companies and Their Customers

While some printers are facing challenging times, CJK Group, the parent company of Sheridan, remains stable and has actually grown – investing in new equipment and expansions across its companies. The past year was an especially busy one at Sheridan, with several of its locations installing multiple pieces of equipment — and the two book facilities in Michigan were no exception.

New equipment offer new capabilities

In 2019, CJK Group installed a new perfect binding line and two presses — a Timsons T-48 ZMR UV web press and a single-color Timsons T-32 web press — at Sheridan’s Grand Rapids, Michigan facility. Not only do the presses increase Sheridan’s capacity and ability to meet customer needs, they provide the ability to print two-color work in sizes ranging from 3.5” x 5.5” to 8.5” x 11”, allowing Sheridan to strengthen its position in academic and medical book publishing. Additionally, in single-color mode, the ZMR (zero-make-ready) web press eliminates the make-ready time between jobs by allowing operators to replace printing plates without stopping the press.

In the fall of 2018, CJK Group undertook a 25,000 square foot expansion of Sheridan’s Chelsea, Michigan facility. The additional space made room for two perfect binders, a case binder, and additional equipment. The most recent installation at this facility is a new 5-color cover press which brings with it the ability to offer UV coating in-house.

With each installation and expansion that Sheridan, and ultimately CJK Group, makes, our commitment to providing new capabilities and growing capacity to better serve our customers strengthens — putting us in a better position to help book publishers produce quality materials in a timely manner.

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