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What’s on Your 2017 Summer Book List?

Summer reading lists are a lot like resolutions — they can be individual, inspirational, solidify intentions, or just give you a place to keep your intend-to-dos in order. Often, the reading lists of others can help you find undiscovered titles, authors, publishers, and even genres, pulling you out of a rut and guiding you in a new direction — hence the popularity of book-list-sharing sites. To aid in your book list development and inspire you to explore new areas of interest, we’ve highlighted summer titles for everyone from publishers and book industry insiders to pop culture movers and shakers.

The best under the sun

Summer isn’t just for beach reads, although those are great too! The long days and breezy blue skies are perfect for deep diving into romance, fiction, thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi, nonfiction, and more— but one summer 2017 genre rules them all: fiction.

  • Three of the top five books on the Goodreads “Summer 2017 Reading List” fell into the most popular genre. The others included cultural and autobiographical novels. Fiction readers who stick to their favorite genre may find this list interesting — but shouldn’t expect to find as many books to take them out of their elements here.
  • Fiction was more strongly represented among the top publications on the Publisher’s Weekly (PW) “Summer 2017 Staff Picks,” although action and adventure; biographies and memoirs; as well as political and governmental books appeared as well. The staff members who created the list “… selected a wide variety of summer books for all tastes,” so some may look to this list to add a little spice to their summer reading lists.
  • Although fiction works took two of the top five spots on this summer 2017 wish list, a political and governmental book took one, similar to the PW list. Others in the highest rankings included an autobiography, reflective of the Goodreads list, and a reference guide for writers.

Sunscreen and summer reads

Whatever your tastes, summer reading is a great escape — whether you fit it in around work schedules, driving kids to and from camps, or lounging by the beach. If you’re ready to escape the real world, choose a trendy fiction novel. Looking for a better understanding of our political climate? You’re not alone! And if you want to see how others write about themselves — or improve your own writing skills — there are plenty of options out there!

This summer, pull out your favorite list app, use one of the lists above, or seek out great books of your own. Maybe even share your favorites, inspiring others with your great reading selection!

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