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Content is fluid, and readers consume it daily in a variety of ways. During a single day, readers typically switch between several devices; while they may start with a hard-copy newspaper in the morning, they will likely move to reading on a desktop or mobile device during the day, and then wrap up their evening with an eReader in-hand.

Clearly, the way readers access content is changing, but their hunger for highly accessible information remains unsated. The challenge publishers face is figuring out how to meet the needs of multi-media readers while making a profit. To keep up with demand and realize benefits, publishers need to remain innovative and find ways to “future proof.”  Past, Present, Future Sign

What is future proofing?
It’s critical for publishers to evaluate their publishing strategy to determine the key factors that will keep their businesses viable long into the future. To tap into the multi-faceted needs of current and future content consumers, publishers need to incorporate the following tactics:

  • Embrace technology, especially Web-based applications — Make sure your publishing perspective includes state-of-the-art technologies such as electronic content delivery and digital rights management.
  • Listen to customers to stay relevant — Profitable publishers are those that reach out to their customer base to discover their challenges and concerns. This information can be used to develop new solutions that address customers’ current and future needs.
  • Take advantage of resources and workflows that multi-task — To ensure your business remains agile, prudently devote energy to implementing resources and processes that allow you to do more with less. This will free up more time for you to focus on customers and profitability.
  • Diversify marketing — Pay attention to market forces and adjust your strategy accordingly. By
    staying aware of changes in your market, you will be in the best position to reach your customers.

To ensure your publishing strategy will serve your business long-term, create a cost-effective workflow that enables publishing content in multi-media formats with one provider. A single provider facilitates future-proofing by

  • streamlining production workflow, thereby reducing editorial and production costs on the publisher side;
  • streamlining printing workflow so that all formats can be created at one time;
  • streamlining distribution so that your customers can easily access any type of electronic or print edition, without added layers between you and your readers; and
  • enabling additional revenue streams through the creation of special editions or compilations that would not be cost effective to produce through a traditional printer.

When you focus your publishing strategy, your business will be ready for whatever the future brings!