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Publishers make significant investments in their websites, ecommerce platforms, and overall online presence. Many implement analytics into these systems but not all are using them effectively.  Analytics, when used properly and strategically, can help build and formulate sales and marketing plans, track key performance indicators, and help you optimize your online presence for success.  They can prove what is working with your digital marketing and uncover what is not.


Analytics is not just about the data, it’s about meeting your business objectives.

Join Sheridan Books Technology Director, Marie Ketner, on Wednesday, April 24, at 2:00 EST for a live webinar: Web Analytics: How to Use to Your Advantage.

During this session you’ll:

  • Review the benefits of analytics
  • Uncover various analytic tools and resources
  • Discover valuable metrics
  • Understand key benchmarks and performance indicators
  • Learn tips for measuring conversion rates and optimization of your sites

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