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A recent online Digital Book World article, Publishing Senior Executives Come to Grips With Post-Bookstore World, by Jeremy Greenfield takes a look at how publishing executives are dealing with the closing of bookstores and the rise of online sales and eBooks.  The article talks about how publishers will be focusing on direct-to-consumer online efforts and the importance of reaching consumers.

Placing your titles for sale with the online retail giants is one way to sell books online, but it shouldn’t be the only way.  If you don’t have your titles for sale on your own website you’re missing out.  While selling direct to consumers may seem like a daunting task, it does come with many benefits:

  • Increased sales – in lieu of redirecting your customers to another site where competition or other distractions may be lurking, they stay on your site to purchase your title
  • Increased revenue by naming your own price and cutting out the middle man
  • Analytics provide customer data and help you understand purchasing patterns
  • Build a customer database that you can use for cross promotion and future marketing efforts

You shouldn’t have to think twice about this.  But just in case, here are a couple case studies from Sheridan Books that detail how two publishers achieved success by converting their titles to eBooks and selling them directly to consumers.

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