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Jane Wesman speaking at BEAWhile attending BEA I sat in on a panel session, Kicking up Your Publicity Plan, that was led by panelist Jane Wesman, President of Wesman Public Relations, Inc.  After the session, Jane shared her Five Tips to Promote Your Book blog post with me that I am reposting with permission below.

Many of the people with whom we work are business leaders, academics, psychologists, coaches, doctors, and other professionals who have written books to share their thought leadership.  Not only do they want to promote their books, but they want their books to serve as marketing tools for businesses.  Yet they often don’t know how to achieve these outcomes.  If you’re a professional who wants to incorporate your book into your overall marketing plan, here are five tips you can’t afford to ignore.

1.  Feature your book on your website.  No matter where you are in your career, having written a book shows that you are at the top of your game.  Your clients and prospects want to know about it.  As soon as the book cover is designed, put an image of it – with publication date – on the home page of your business website.  Then add a link to an interior page with full details about its contents and availability.  We advise our clients not to build a separate website for their books, but to incorporate their books into their business websites.

2. Solicit endorsements.  Endorsements from experts are key to promoting your book and your business.  The endorsements can be used on the book’s cover, in marketing materials, and on social media.  Once you have a final manuscript or type-set pages that prospective endorsers can read, develop a list of thought leaders in your field, both those you know and others whose opinion you value, and contact them requesting their help.  Not everyone will be willing to write an endorsement, but those who do will be flattered that you sought their opinion.  That’s an added benefit.  Asking for endorsements is a great way to engage thought-leaders and colleagues early in the publishing process, so that they become champions of your book and by extension support your business and your work.  Once the book is published, make sure that you send each endorser a signed copy, showing your gratitude.

3. Use social media. Your book provides content that can be used to create social media posts that provide information people can use.  This is a great opportunity to share your thought-leadership and generate interest in your work.  The key is to be authentic and personal in your posts.   If you are not already active on social media, then you need to start.  Begin by focusing on one or two outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Like other people’s posts and pages, share their links, and be prepared to spend advertising dollars to increase your followers on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Plan a launch event.  Don’t let the publication of your book slip by without celebrating its launch and promoting your business. There are many options – from a cocktail party in your office to a panel discussion in a hotel conference room to an early morning brunch at your club.  Create the type of event that best suits your business and your clients.  The point is to let as many people as possible know that your book has been published and to share your excitement and your expertise.

5. Give books to clients and prospective clients alike.  Your book is the best marketing tool that you have to promote your work.  Create a plan for giving books to key customers and prospective clients.  Providing books to the right people results in new business leads and contacts, as well as orders from companies that wish to buy the book in bulk.

There’s no question that being a published author enhances your reputation and your credibility.  Don’t miss the opportunity to promote it fully.


Jane Wesman is president of Jane Wesman Public Relations, Inc. a New York City-based book publicity agency. A top expert on book publicity and marketing, she is also a published author and frequent speaker.  For more tips and advice, visit http://www.wesmanpr.com