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Publishers make significant investments in their websites, eCommerce platforms, and overall online presence. Many implement analytics into these systems but not all are using them effectively. Analytics, when used properly and strategically, can help build and formulate sales and marketing plans, track key performance indicators, and help you optimize your online presence for success. They can prove what is working with your digital marketing and uncover what is not.

Analytics is not just about the data, it’s about meeting your business objectives.

Below are seven steps for implementing, enhancing, and effectively using your website analytics strategy.

Step 1: Identify Objectives

  • Gather business questions from your organization
    • What is the key objective of your website?
    • What does success look like to you?

Step 2: Design a Strategy and Implement

  • Choose an analytics tool that works for your organization and budget (Google Analytics, Adobe Site Catalyst, Crazy Egg, Compete, Clicky, etc.)
  • Start small and increase capabilities and budget over time

Step 3: Tracking

  • Begin collecting data
  • Set aside time daily to evaluate your analytics reports

Step 4: Analysis and Testing

  • Evaluate and analyze data against your key objectives and business goals
    • How are you preforming?
    • Are there areas for improvement?

Step 5: Reporting

  • Create customized reports that target your specific business questions
  • Send out weekly/monthly updates to the business team
  • Discuss these reports with your stakeholders

Step 6: Refinement

  • Refine objectives, goals, and strategy based on analysis

Step 7: Start Again

  • Begin the process over again by setting new business objectives

7 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Website Analytics

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