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BEA badgeBook Expo America was held May 11-13, 2016 in Chicago.  Show size and attendance may have been down, but comments regarding convention layout and networking opportunities were positive.  While the main draw for many was the exhibit floor (in which coloring books could be found on every corner), I spent most of my time attending sessions.  During the sessions, industry experts shared their knowledge, tips, and publishing recommendations on topics ranging from industry statistics, to emerging trends, to marketing your book. 

Below are 15 quotes from the sessions, and complete notes are available for download as a PDF. 

  1. If eReader usage continues to decline, we can easily see eBook purchases continue to decline by 25% or more in the next few years. – The Post Digital Book Landscape
  2. Digital fatigue is setting in.  The #1 response as to why people are reading fewer eBooks is because they prefer print. – The Post Digital Book Landscape
  3. Adult coloring books are not a passing fad, they are here to stay. Overall activity books (puzzles, paint by number, origami, dot-to-dot, etc.) are all seeing a boost in sales and this seems to be where the market is going, to a wider activity category rather than solely coloring. – The Emergence of the Adult Activity Category
  4. Look beyond the spikes in book sales and uncover opportunities in market segments that have seen steady growth over the past several years. – Beyond the Obvious
  5. Amazon is going physical and opening physical bookstores, they understand where the market is going. – The Post Digital Book Landscape
  6. Discount buyers do buy full priced new releases. – Data Driven New Release Marketing
  7. Blockbuster book buyers are waiting for someone to make the books available that they are looking for in places they are looking for them. – The Post Digital Book Landscape
  8. Launching a book is like launching a business, you need to have a plan in place well in advance and follow it. – Kicking Up Your Publicity Plan
  9. Know your audience. – Consumers, Customized Selling Options, and You
  10. The mailing list is one of the most important things you can do – 62% of people are more likely to buy off your mailing list rather than on social media. – Consumers, Customized Selling Options, and You
  11.  Pitch the hook, not the book. – Kicking up Your Publicity Plan
  12. When sending a book, make it stand out – send it in a flashy colorful envelope or package so it stands out before it is even opened to be reviewed. – Making Reviews Work for You
  13.  Social media should be looked at for what it is – it is the best form of advertising which is word of mouth. – Kicking up Your Publicity Plan
  14. Authors want to meet the readers, and readers want to meet the author.  Leverage the author and the “only found here” options on your (the publisher) website such as deleted content, author meetups, etc. – Consumers, Customized Selling Options, and You
  15. You no longer just want a person to buy one book.  You want them to follow you, and like your posts, and engage with your brand so that the buyer is with you for the long term. – Kicking up Your Publicity Plan

 Complete session notes are available for download as a PDF courtesy of Sheridan.  Download your copy today!