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School Is In Session And So Are Tablets

The use of tablets and apps in higher education is rapidly growing. According to a study by Pearson Education conducted at the beginning of 2012, 70 percent of college students have read an...

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Mobile Optimized vs Traditional Websites

Mobile Optimized vs Traditional Websites This year, the USPS ispositioning their mobile barcode promotion to help catalogers save on postage fees. The promotion runs from July 1, 2012 through August...

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Un-earth; Your Green Savings

In honor of Earth Day (April 22) here is a tip on how to calculate your “green” savings… environmental green that is. The Paper Calculator, originally developed by the Environmental Defense Fund and...

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Simplify The Proofing Process

Publishers often spend a lot of their production time managing proofs, sending email notifications to authors and making corrections, especially when working with multiple authors and multiple...

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Creating a Device Lab for eBook Testing

An essential part of the eBook conversion process that is often skipped is the final testing on the devices it was intended for. Many publishers, whether it’s due to lack of budget or...

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