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Our CJK Group Core Values

Sheridan Purpose:

We provide our customers with products, services and solutions that achieve superior customer value while delivering the cash flow necessary to grow our business.

We Have Fun

  • We fill our organization with great people
  • We find joy and pride in work done well
  • We enjoy and celebrate our success
  • We have a positive and optimistic environment
  • We create opportunities and make time to enjoy a good laugh

We Develop People

  • We hire, train, and retain quality people
  • Our employees are key stakeholders who should enjoy their work
  • We have high expectations of each other
  • We provide opportunities for employees to advance and grow
  • We seek out and mentor emerging leaders
  • We drive out fear of failure
  • We recognize individual and team accomplishments

We Have Integrity

  • We are honest and up front in dealing with each other
  • We show respect and courtesy to one another and treat each other fairly
  • We build trust among ourselves as well as our customers, suppliers, and communities
  • We obey the law
  • We make principle-based decisions
  • We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace environment and safety conscious culture

We are Cost Conscious

  • A dollar saved is a dollar earned
  • We believe that every process can be improved
  • We eliminate unnecessary waste or outlay
  • We aggressively pursue the best deal through strong supplier partnerships
  • We reinvest our profits in people, new technology and equipment

We are Growth Oriented & Customer Focused

  • We are entrepreneurial in our approach; Growth is our oxygen
  • We are open to new requirements that support increased sales
  • We nurture customer relationships
  • We provide superior products, services, and solutions to our customers
  • We do what we promise and always act in the best interest of the customer
  • We take calculated risks for large opportunities

We are Problem Solvers

  • We solve problems for our clients
  • We embrace internal issues as opportunities for improvement
  • If there is a solution, we will find it
  • Identify, Discuss, Solve