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Sheridan NH

Sheridan NH has operated in Hanover, New Hampshire, for more than 200 years. It is a full web printer exclusively dedicated to printing short run publications, journals and catalogs on full-size web presses.

Sheridan NH began as part of Dartmouth College in 1793, printing newspapers, books, pamphlets and college catalogs. In 1843, the company became a separate entity — The Dartmouth Press.

In 1899, Frank Musgrove purchased the company and continued printing the weekly Hanover Gazette, along with local town reports and a summer camp publication. Mr. Musgrove, who served as a state representative and state senator, owned The Dartmouth Press for almost 40 years, during which time Nelson Rockefeller worked briefly as a typesetter. Kenneth Foley purchased the company in 1938 and incorporated it under the name Dartmouth Printing Company.

In 1945, Mr. Foley redirected the focus of the company from college publications to short run magazines in an effort to achieve a more even annual cash flow. Mr. Foley sold the company in 1969, and Mike Smith, the company’s controller, became president. Dave Hewitt joined Mr. Smith in 1970, and together they purchased the company in 1978.

In February 1998, Dartmouth Printing Company was purchased by The Sheridan Group. Today, it is known simply as Sheridan NH.

As part of its business philosophy and to demonstrably fine-tune our existing levels of quality control and customer satisfaction, Sheridan adopted the W. Edwards Deming approach to quality.  In doing so, we focus on the following critical issues:

  • Quality is defined by the customer.
  • Quality improvement is achieved by focusing on the process, not just the product.
  • Quality and quality improvement are dependent upon tapping into the knowledge and resources of the people who actually produce the product.

Our size, our experience and our focus all combine to offer a unique opportunity for publishers who still feel the need for individualized service from their printer.